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Silicon Luxembourg - Fighting the climate crisis by giving batteries a second life 

Silicon Luxembourg Magazine - 2022/04: Sustainability

Silicon Luxembourg - Circu Li-ion: Making E-Bikes And E-Scooters More Sustainable Through Battery Upcycling

Bike Europe - European start-up develops automated upcycling of e-bike battery cells

Luxemburger Wort - Luxemburger Start-up will „zweites Leben“ für Batteriezellen

Tageblatt - Batterien im Fokus / Luxemburger Start-up will Energiewende führend mitgestalten

Lëtzebuerger Journal - Cellular rejuvenation

Luxembourg Times - Start-up sparks new life into
in-demand batteries


CE150 Circu Li-ion Batterie-Upcycling

Tech & Trees Podcast#20 Antoine Welter - Co-Founder Circu Li-On - Automated Battery Recycling

Startup Corner
Antoine Welter & Dr Xavier Kohll - Circu Li-ion

RTL Today - The Lisa Burke Show
80. Circular Sneakers, Circu Li-ion, Circular Economy

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