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Meet our Machine Learning Engineer: Caroline

A photo of Caroline with the headline "join the revolut-ion"

We’re happy to introduce our Machine Learning Engineer, Caroline. Having been working as an AI Research Engineer at Airbus before, Caroline focussed on decision making use cases for various applications. In October she started working for Circu Li-ion. Today she explains what exactly she does and why she joined the team in the first place. 


What’s your role at Circu Li-ion? 

Caroline: As a Machine Learning Engineer, I specialize in both computer vision and reinforcement learning. My primary focus is on developing sophisticated algorithms for automatic disassembly processes. In collaboration with partners, I contribute to cutting-edge solutions that leverage the power of reinforcement learning, ensuring a comprehensive and advanced approach to solving complex industrial challenges. 


What motivated you to join Circu Li-ion? 

Caroline: I joined the company with a vision to revolutionize the battery industry through the application of machine learning techniques. Eager to challenge myself and thrive in a dynamic, multicultural environment, I am committed to innovating and developing cutting-edge algorithms at the forefront of technological advancement. 


Thank you for sharing, Caroline. And yes, let’s revolutionize the battery industry together!  


You’d like to join the revolut-ion as well?

Find more information and open positions here.



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