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Meet our Technical Project Manager: Jan

Join the revolut-ion with Jan

We are happy to have Jan as part of our dynamic world of circular innovation. Jan, an industrial engineer, gained insights into circular ecosystems during his Master's studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Since December 2023, he has been a valuable member of the Circu Li-ion team.

His master thesis "Data and Information Sharing in Circular Ecosystems" sheds light on the crucial challenges and importance of establishing circularity for batteries. Jan emphasizes the collaborative efforts required from all ecosystem stakeholders for a sustainable future. Join him on this enlightening journey!


What’s your role at Circu Li-ion? 

Jan: As a Technical Project Manager, I am involved in coordinating our cross-functional teams to collectively achieve our key project objectives. Our project portfolio includes grants, research, and customer projects, all aimed at expanding our battery disassembling capabilities. With a background in industrial engineering and management, I am used to wearing multiple hats as projects evolve and new challenges arise.


What motivated you to join Circu Li-ion? 

Jan: I joined Circu Li-ion because I am fascinated by the challenge of accelerating the circular economy of batteries. During my master's thesis, through interviews with key stakeholders, I realized how difficult it is to create a fully circular ecosystem. To do this, we need to innovate automated digital solutions, create incentives for collaboration, and exchange data and information. I can address all of these challenges here at Circu Li-ion. Circu Li-ion offers me the ideal environment to align my own personal goals with the company’s goals for more sustainable batteries.

Great to have you onbord, Jan!


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