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Meet our Head of Automation: Marco

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Marco began his journey in the circular world in August 2023. Before joining Circu Li-ion, he collected a lot of experience in the field of automation engineering. He kickstarted his career at Manz AG in Italy, specializing in designing machines for battery and capacitor assembly.

Following that, he spent a significant chunk of time at Amazon, dedicating nine years to the company. He used his skills as an automation engineer to expand the first Italian Amazon fulfilment center and then took on leadership responsibilities to lead the automation in South Europe when the business was booming. He navigated the challenges posed by the boom in the Amazon world during the COVID era as part of the design team - responsible for designing the new generation of fulfilment centers for Europe. Additionally, he collaborated with leaders, contributing to the formulation of strategies in the dynamic IT landscape at Amazon.


What’s your role at Circu Li-ion? 

Marco: As the Head of Automation, I lead a team of skilled engineers dedicated to design state-of-the-art machines for the disassembly of batteries across various industries with a primary emphasis on electric vehicles and micro-mobility solutions. Leading the innovation, I drive the development of automation processes to tackle the global problem of battery disassembly. My team pioneers advanced solutions to joint advanced programming and machine learning techniques with robust automation designs that involve robots, vision systems and complex specialized machinery. We embrace the challenge of the variability of each battery and aim through our software and hardware solutions to create workstations that will accelerate our customers in processing this complex product more sustainably. 


What motivated you to join Circu Li-ion? 

Marco: I really missed the automation world. Jumping back in with Circu Li-ion felt like the perfect occasion to dive back into the exciting world of machinery and robots. They're tackling a big global problem caused by everything going electric, and I am thrilled to be part of the solution. Plus, the company vibe totally aligns with my values - and I got that feeling right from the start.

Great to see you and your team leveraging our automation solution, Marco!


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