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Meet our Data Scientist: Max

Max studied Physics & Data Science at the University of Luxembourg. During his studies, he worked with the Theoretical Solid State Physics group as a research assistant on projects related to Computational Physics and Machine Learning. In March 2023 Max finished his Master Thesis “Object localization and classification for automated battery upcycling” in collaboration with Circu Li-ion and joined the team full-time in July 2023.


What’s your role at Circu Li-ion? 
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Max: As a Data Scientist, I work along the full data-to-model pipeline. This starts with data collection and processing in order to gain valuable insights and use them to train Machine Learning models. There are two main topics I work on where Machine Learning is leveraged: 1. the diagnostics of the cells and 2. the automated robotic disassembly supported by computer vision models.


What motivated you to join Circu Li-ion? 

Max: I particularly like the ambitious goal of providing a solution to the battery economy and reusing resources in a sustainable fashion. Given that the development is at the cutting edge of current research, I wanted to take upon the challenge and help automate and optimize real-world applications using AI. This is supported by a multicultural and ambitious environment which allows a great experience and massive opportunity in professional development!


Thank you, Max. We’re happy to have you in the team!


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