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Meet our Cell and ESS Engineer: Khachatur

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Say hello to Khachatur, a passionate engineer who's been on an exciting journey in the world of electrical engineering. Having completed his PhD in Engineering at the University of Luxembourg, Khachatur is all about pushing the boundaries of technology. His main gig initially? Figuring out how to seamlessly integrate battery energy storage systems into power grids.

Before diving into his doctoral studies, he spent nearly four years as an electrical engineer, gaining hands-on experience across various industries. He was the go-to guy for building and testing custom electrical systems, always on the lookout for new ways to solve tricky problems.


What’s your role at Circu Li-ion? 

Khachatur: I am a Cell and ESS Engineer at Circu Li-ion. Currently, my main focus is the diagnostics and discharging of batteries and battery energy storage system development. I am taking care of the development of our micromobility battery pack diagnostics and discharging machine that will help increase the number of upcycled batteries and increase the safety of the operation. Also, I am leading the development of our battery energy storage system made of second-life cells and modules that we automatically extract from end-of-life batteries.


What motivated you to join Circu Li-ion? 

Khachatur: First of all, the vision of battery and cell upcycling and the ambitions of the company attracted me. Second, I like being hands-on and solving problems. So, the upcoming challenges associated with the big vision of the company made me curious to find solutions and solve them. The decision to join a startup was natural to me as I have worked both in big traditional companies and small startups and I knew that startups move faster and are more fun.

Thans for sharing, Khachatur. Looking forward to the journey ahead!


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