Our Vision

Fighting the climate crisis by maximising the lifecycle of each Li-ion cell. 


There is significant CO2 reduction potential in automated battery upcycling.
Used batteries are a true resource - more than 80% can be recovered when a battery is at the end of its first life.

Therefore, we have designed a machine to extract and diagnose the cells in an automated manner from their battery packs and enable their reusage
Today, there are solutions to give batteries a second life, for example as an energy storage. This implies a first downgrade as the batteries stay with limited capacity (REUSE).
Other recycling methods are inefficient as they shred and melt the entire battery pack including its still functioning parts in an energy intensive process. The resulting raw materials can be recycled (RECYCLE).

Our Technology

Our process sets new technological and ecological standards, closing the loop and fully enabling the circular economy in the battery industry.

The automated processing line starts with the diagnostics of the battery packs, followed by the disassembling step, down to the cell level and the diagnostic of each cell.

Given our modular set-up, the line can then proceed to re-assembling the cells into energy storage solutions like a battery pack, grid storage, etc.


Current battery lifecycle

20211104_Graphic_Current battery lifecycle.png

Currently, batteries including their still functional parts are destroyed and the remaining raw materials are used to make new batteries from scratch.

Circu Li-ion battery lifecycle

20211104_Graphic_Circu Li-ion battery lifecycle.png

Our new technology “Automated Battery & Cell Upcycling” significantly decreases CO2 emissions and reduces the need for new batteries to be produced


Our Services for...

Hardware Producers

Our services to_Icons_Battery Recycler_3.png

Battery Recyclers

E-Mobility Providers

We enable each lithium-ion cell
an economical upcycling.



Benefits the environment


Significantly reduce CO2 emissions per battery


Contribute to shifting the industry to a circular economy


Less raw materials needed


Reduce waste generation


Reduced use of chemicals due to less pre-mature recycling

Benefits your company


Upcycled batteries & cells are greener than new ones


Maximise life-time value of cells


Reduced invest into new batteries


Our Team


Antoine Welter

Co-Founder & CEO

Antoine develops & structures

our ambitious goals 

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Team_Xavier Kohll.jpg

Dr. Xavier Kohll

Co-Founder & CTO

Xavier is our entrepreneurial-minded technical brain

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Vaibhav Sanghvi

Head of Engineering

Vaibhav leads the marriage

of our soft- & hardware

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