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Boosting battery value to save money and
the planet

Our upcycling solution helps players in the space of electric vehicles, micromobility, power tools, energy storage systems, and recycling to make their battery value chain circular - while saving operating costs.

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diagnosis -

fully automated.

Our automated battery upcycling process dismantles, disassembles and diagnoses battery packs for reuse or recycling based on each cell's state of health. This reveals the true potential of each battery and makes the most of our valuable resources

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CO₂ emissions* when using the
Circu Li-ion upcycling process.

*based on a published Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that is ISO 14044 standard conform

We help you to:

significantly reduce CO₂

participate in the circular economy

increase the true value of each battery

Ready to make
a change?

Let's fight the

climate crisis.

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